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Reply To: Who is the next Joseph Campbell?


Hi Stephen,

You are so welcome, and I thank you too for the references you listed here too. The only one I have read in your list is The Waking Dream by Ray Grasse, so it looks like I have a lot of good reading to do!

I do love the symbolic life that Grasse talks about in his book.  I see a lot of symbolism going on in my life in the “form” (psychoid form, lol!) of synchronicity. Do you like to visually read scenes symbolically? Some of us who live “The Waking Dream” seem to do that maybe even naturally–and I often think about those who are extremely visual filmmakers, how they seem to do that too. Bergman comes to mind, and Fellini. And Kirosawa. And then, photographers and artists, and poets or writers who work a lot with imagery.

You are welcome on the mention of Howard McCord!

Howard’s Walking Edges had such an impact on my life. I also loved his poetry, and a fun poetry book called Tales from the Black Swamp. Gary Snyder’s book Earth House Hold really got a hold of me too! 🙂 


Mary Ann