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Reply To: Who is the next Joseph Campbell?


    Times now are muddy. How to wade to the shore from phatomless pristine depths? Follow the currents to where they bring the next promise afloat or ashore? Lifted by roaring thundergods into its heaven temporarily, to smashed to the ground again next hailstorm? Al born innocent, all faithfull, all on internet, all temptations, all true yet only personal trues. All diminishing horizons. “I’m hungry now. Feed me!” But there is no fast food for the mind. Gut their body with saturating holy sugars until filled, but it does not feed. Funny cat movies are cute, but there is only one. Hollow people. Hollow world.

    I’ve made myself an overview of actual ‘realization-consciousness-awareness’ on our human level. It’s called The Ego Labyrinth’. The heroes journey is a part of it, mainly in the middle – emotional level. The base is Darwin’s survival, the attic called Rumsfeld Quadrant (‘The Unknown Known’). From there on one interacts with ones own life, challanges and experiences. Or should be. But the promise now is so oblique, so shallow. Indifference is king, ignorance queen. In the labyrinth, let’s say an hundred, seventy are in awe of existence, ten mount them to delight only. Ten more fight ‘to rule them all’ and ten to understand it. Those last ten gaze at their feet in the breathing waters were the dare to trot, feet aground, adventurous the ankels submerged, yelling the inhaled air, heads raised to the sinking cinderpink light kissing the earth.

    It is not deep, but for so many lost of unknown depth.

    Just an explanation of some thoughts, on request.