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Reply To: Who is the next Joseph Campbell?


    Hi Mary,

    Readers be aware there is now in this thread a split conversation going on, like four people at a round table talking with the opposite member only. A bridge play between S-R and M-M.

    The mummy-bird is what I would incorporate in the Darwin section framing the instinct, intuition (afloat on awareness level), primary needs like immediate food and shelter, and surviving needs like reproduction and ‘nomading’ the unspoilt horizon. From two distinctive different spieces a mutual concordance is recognised. Comparable yet with distance is what my inner feelings are regarding my daughter, safe within the nest still, but about to fly away in years to come. Caring gives that same response, faith will set an unknown course. But so bitter is the primordial memory of a young woman who’s faith I was not allowed to defuse, as it was her choice, to be respected beyond reason, to aim for adventure, ignore obvious physical signs and thrusted forward like a goddess immortal. Becoming immortal in memories until forgotten by all. So and all like the little birds.

    If the play is overly inaudiable by the shuffling cards in this double pack, you can always send me a pm.