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Reply To: Who is the next Joseph Campbell?


    Dimension is the reciprocal of time


    The thread this thread such mythic allusion , Ariadne , Penelope … What webs what tapestries what garments … what fractal topography the split in conversation elicits . Such possibilities of inversion peaks and valleys highs and lows …

    Why does the caged blackbird sing ? Black is the gossamer shroud that contains the spirit of the bird …  B BBB bird is a word !!! Everybody heard about the bird . The mummy black ink bird the written word Laid to rest within the gossamer thin veiled white page . The mummified word the bird travels through time and dimension to be translated materialized Resurrected in the mind of a reader !!! Is a translation a genetically modified variation of its ancestor , evolved to suit a new linguistic environment ? What is lost in translation ? Are we observing a mere zombie a mummy golem monster ? Or a new creation a living breathing being ??


    time is an inversion of space