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Reply To: Who is the next Joseph Campbell?


    Echoes of motifs themes tropes …

    “Who is the next Joseph Campbell ?”

    What is the Chalice Joe? What elixir does it contain?

    What is the Lapis lazuli that is was/was Joseph Campbell? Follow Your Bliss , upon this Rock shall he/we build…

    And so the arduous Journey begins. The quest for the Second Coming of Joseph Campbell.
    Where is Campelot? Who shall be the once and future Joe ? Who shall ring the Camp bell? These are questions for anthropologist historians psychologists philologists etymologist linguists social engineers propagandists critics apologists mythologists poets artists Writers common and uncommon humans alike.

    It is always nice to be awoke by a little Joe !!!

    Happy trails to one and all !!

    Let the Journey begin … let the Journey be unending …