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Reply To: Who is the next Joseph Campbell?


Welcome Aboard! Wonderful to hear your voice in these forums, Shaheda!

Conversations do unfold at a more leisurely pace than on Facebook, or even our old Joseph Campbell Mythology Group (JCMG) on Yahoo (two decades later and I’m still moderating discussion boards devoted to Joe’s mythic perspective!), while allowing for greater depth. Discussions might sprawl over days or weeks or months, maybe appear to fade off, and then be revived when someone with a fresh perspective stumbles across those threads.

Feel free to jump into any discussion that captures your fancy, start a thread on a topic that interests you, or just kick back and enjoy reading what’s posted.

What we don’t seem to have so far is a  decent dream thread. Eventually I’ll get around to raising the subject in The Conversation With a Thousand Faces forum (our catch-all category for whatever doesn’t comfortably fit into any of our other forums), but haven’t been in any rush – figure one or two other folks might get there first, which is fine with me.

Bliss On!

Stephen (aka bodhibliss)