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Reply To: The Quest of Creative-Being Itself, with Mythologist Norland Tellez:


    Good to see that the conversation keeps going and going, which is precisely what we want given that we are attempting to break into the archetypal ground of creativity, which is ceaseless and unrelenting, again obeying the “compulsion to repeat” which attends the constellation of every archetype. Archetypes are after all patterns of historical repetition, the reason we say that “history repeats itself,” and not platonic ideals of perfection that live somewhere in heaven. That is why the true nature of the archetype is not sub specie aeternitatis, as we used to say, but thoroughly MYTHO-HISTORIC in their none-essence. Unless of course you want to fall prey to the trap of essentialisms that are fixed transhistorically as stereotypes.

    Stereotypes are truly “timeless” in the sense that no process of becoming enters into them, whereas archetypes in their concrete universality are quite the opposite: they ARE this very process of becoming and historic change. Of course, in terms of creativity, stereotypes and cliches are not only rejected but in a sense “murdered” by the breakthrough of the New. Originality is always the killer of fixed notions and ideological fantasies. It “deconstructs” such notions and breathes soul in motion back into them. This has to do with the metaphysical violence of creativity, the aspect of death-drive I tried to highlight in my contribution.

    In this connection, then, I could see a link between this psychoanalytic move with the hero’s “call”—for the adventure can only begin once we are brave enough to reject the palliatives of conventional wisdom and its fixed stereotypes…