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Reply To: The Quest of Creative-Being Itself, with Mythologist Norland Tellez:


Somewhere from the ether, I started thinking about catharsis.
Cathartic writing ~ art as catharsis
So I went to the definition – “derives from Aristotle’s Poetics”
“Ah Ha!!”

Against Catharsis: Writing is Not Therapy

“Our brains recall memory and information with a different wiring than when we verbalize that information. Simply put, the recollection is operating on a different plane than The Story.”

So many things are wrong with our “public” story right now – the U.S. Went into a collective panic mode over the POSSIBILITY we might not have enough hospital beds and ventilators but we are now confident that we have enough jail cells to slam people into for protesting racism and inequality (and, hopefully a whole lot more!).

Offices and cubicles with desks sit empty and hospitals aren’t filled to capacity. Courts are bound to be overrun. Our “back to normal” Will be measured by the collective gallons of fuel we burn every month.

Welcome to the new machines!

Does a global pandemic like Covid 19 require a collective catharsis? Is that even possible in our modern society?