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Reply To: The Air We Breathe


Philspar – good to see you gracing the forums of COHO once more!

Astute observation about that reluctant Call. In the U.S., I honestly don’t believe we would be having the powerful national conversation on race that’s taking place if it had not been for the coronavirus. All the other violent deaths of black men and women at the hand of police have been just as horrific – but they occurred when everyone was otherwise occupied with full time jobs and travel and leisure activities galore; now though, after a couple of months of life on hold and everyone staying home, for the first time we all seemed to be really paying attention – and so millions experienced a moment of unexpected  epiphany!

As a result, American culture is undergoing a huge shift all at once. Who knows what other currents are stirring below the surface, here and elsewhere, about to break free?

The pandemic really has presented us with a powerful and profound mythogenetic moment – or, as your friend George Miller might say, “Plot twist!”