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Reply To: The Air We Breathe


Hi, James,

I like and follow all your thoughts you write on this. My biggest hope in all this, as it has been for many others, aside from the virus going away and saving as many lives as we can, is that during this time of social isolation humankind might work harder and faster to come up with more alternative fuels that would not pollute our earth. I don’t have the links right now, but I did see how pollution levels were going down in some major cities without so many cars on the roads, and it worried me that as soon as the lockdown orders were lifted that people would just go on doing what they did before rather than taking it as a sign. This could have been a very positive sign and good for us now but especially for our children and grandchildren and the “7 generations” we are supposed to be kind to think about. Where I live, I do not think it was just my imagination or wishful thinking that the air looked and smelled cleaner with barely any traffic on the road. Now the cars are back all over the place–and I feel somewhat disappointed. Another thing I was able to do during this time of the stay-at-home was to begin a new ecological project to help endangered species of our local wildlife here–some have mentioned why work with animals when humans are suffering, but I am not a nurse, I am high-risk to both get corona and not survive if if I get it, and as Stephen and so many others have expressed here, we are all linked. There is no break in the net/web of the universe that holds us all together. I loved the writing about how we all breathe the same air, and anything that helps the environment helps us all in this balance of ecosystem.

And when we all meditate and relax, I am thinking now (and want to mention this to Stephen), the more we can all either meditate or do what gives us joy such as gardening or walking that cleanses our thoughts and feelings, the more we send positive thoughts and vibrations out into the collective psyche that can help heal humanity and the collective as well as help heal Gaia. I think that a lot of the hatred that goes around are partly from people’s own hatred of their lives when they are not loving life, and the natural world around us has a tendency to absorb and cleanse what troubles us.

Best and Bliss!

Mary Ann