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Reply To: The Air We Breathe



thank you for your reply .

The attribution of gender to matter is an archaic , Mythopoetic , linguistically programmed , time honored tradition.

Matter can be interpreted and presented as being Herméphroditic .

The play and union of the opposites in motion . Animate and inanimate .

Adam – red earth

Eve – life .   Life drawn from earth the chthonic cave from which the breeze originates.

Christ – a Life giving spirit



The very nature and definition of life is at play when contemplating a virus .

Is a virus alive ? From a scientific perspective the debate continues …
what is the purpose of a virus in the evolutionary web of life on earth ?

Where can a virus be place on Darwin’s Tree of Life ?

all food for thought,  for the alimentary canal of mind .

seminal questions to be contemplated .


I enjoy how in science one kingdom brings forth gives birth to the next

The mineral kingdom brings forth the vegetable kingdom .

Through evolution and change the mineral and vegetable kingdom brings forth change in the the planet . Plants and free oxygen help evolve the minerals themselves which creates the environment that brings forth the animal kingdom .


A fascinating arduous time consuming process … Best abbreviated by poetic approximation …

Perhaps a quick google search for “ is a virus alive ? “ and “ the evolution of minerals on earth “  will help illuminate the state of sciencomythic contemplation at this point in the space time continuum …