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Reply To: The Air We Breathe


First I wanted to say thank you to the JCF for all that you do to keep the legacy of Joseph Campbell alive and well :  )

His wisdom is more important and relevant than ever, and offers us a road map to help understand the riddles of life.

Your new website is fantastic! I’m loving the weekly MythBlasts – this one especially resonated with me! I’m grateful to everyone who has offered their thoughts and feelings on this article. It feels great to part of this COHO tribe.

Great article Stephen! The metaphor you share of  how Covid-19 can literally “take our breath away” being similar to what us Human beings are doing to Mother Nature with our destructive environmental values, is profound and spot on!

As previously mentioned, can “this moment be a call to adventure?” For the “Hero with 7 Billion Faces” to embark on a “collective Hero’s Journey on a global scale?”  I offer a resounding YES!

Could the boon from this quest be a great awakening of Human consciousness? A time to open our heart chakras, and feel more compassion towards all sentient beings? And lose our taste for destroying the planet Earth? If even “reluctantly”, could this be the beginning of the shift we’ve all been waiting for? From ego man to Universal man, like JC said, into “global consciousness” here on “spaceship Earth”. Instead of only caring about ourselves – “the whole planet should be our field of concern.”

As we know, mythology helps us understand ourselves, and the world around us. May we all use this moment, with all of its fear, racial division, hatred, and uncertainty – as a time to answer the call. May we all work together to create new ways of thinking and being. May we “expand to a larger field of relationships.”

As a planet, may we collectively use this pandemic experience to come together as never before.

As we enter the mystery of the unknown, if we can hold on to the “Ariadne thread”  we can come out of this labyrinth together as an improved Human race. Just like Earth, “given the chance – we can heal ourselves.” I’s nice to be reminded that we are not alone. Like Campbell said, “where we stumble and fall – is treasure.”

As we close the circle of this “collective Hero’s Journey”, and return – hopefully we can write a new story/ myth for these modern times. One that can serve our humanity with ideas that are not outdated – like the one’s still popular today. And may it have a new MUSICAL soundtrack to fill the air with song and help us “rise together” into a brave new world…. no longer separate – but united as ONE

In the words of the Grateful Dead’s lyricist Robert Hunter, “one way or another, this darkness got to give.”

Peace & Love my brothers and sisters!

The Universe has our back!