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Reply To: The Air We Breathe


All of these ideas being discussed are a great respite from some of the current rhetoric out in the media. As we focus in on the breathe of the world, I am reminded of the chakra system. I imagine the citizens of Earth as a collective body, the “Hero with 7 billion faces” as Stephen said, and recognize this current emphasis on the lungs, the voice, the breath. It reminds my of Joseph Campbell’s teachings on the chakra system and the purpose of kundalini yoga.  With COVID-19 attacking the breath, with the masks we wear that cover up our mouths, our smiles, and our voices, with the outcry of millions against systemic racism sparked by George Floyd’s final words, “I Can’t Breathe”, the symbolism is beautifully clear. The throat, the voice, the breathe; all under great pressure. In a time like this, we should strive to use our voices and our breath in unity, to sing a collective song, to become unified. I agree with pilgrim1 that a powerful force for this moment would be music and songs of revolution.

Today I will imagine this collective body of ours, and this kundalini snake winding up our spine, stopping now at the center of the throat, stuck there. I will mediate on air, on a song to sing, on what I can do to move the energy past this chakra and into the next one, Ajna, the chakra of the third eye. I will continue to be mindful and gracious of the wind and air that moves through my body today, giving me life, which is the same wind that moves through the world today, giving life to others.

Thanks to everyone for contributing to this space where ideas can flow. I am happy to be a part of this community, especially in times like these, that are truly mythogenic.

With Bliss,