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Reply To: The Air We Breathe


Just as a bit of an addendum, my county in California is experiencing a huge spike, with hospitalizations nearing capacity (though ICU beds remain available, staffing to care for patients is close to maxed out). So it was bit disconcerting to find out last week that in the county building where my wife works a cluster of employees in the department across the hall had been infected – and then this week we learned one of my wife’s co-workers is sick with Covid-19.

My wife works in IT; even though everyone is being careful and, thanks to a statewide order, finally masked, she is particularly at risk as she often needs to interact with employees and their equipment at their workstations. As a result, we have both been approved for coronavirus tests (if you count age I have four underlying conditions, two of which make me really high risk). Given the high demand the earliest appointment available is after the 4th of July weekend . . . and then it will take 4 to 6 days to get the results.

Naturally, the uncertainty is disconcerting – living in limbo is no fun – but until we learn more or symptoms manifest, the best thing I can do is remember to Breathe . . .