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Reply To: The Air We Breathe


    So here we are Mary, Michael, Stephen, Nandu, philspar, Pilgram 1; and anyone else who might be reading this post and watching a virus that is exploding. We’ve been discussing it in this thread off and on since June 22; and in 3 weeks the head of the: “World Health Organization” 2 days ago is tearfully pleading for the planet to pay attention and come together to fight this thing. This is no longer a fantasy subject that affects the other person somewhere else; it is now the most serious threat to the human population in our lifetime. The first efforts in Europe have had some success; “but” efforts at a shutdown in the US did not work because people didn’t take it seriously enough and intentional political misinformation has persuaded certain groups they have the right to disregard the seriousness of this horrific danger. This is not a: “chicken little – the sky is falling” fairy tale. And just because people can’t see it many are confused on whether it’s real or not and feel their rights are being abused and are being encouraged by this manipulated political narrative to disregard it’s threat and are infecting others at rates never seen before. To me this is absolutely insane when you can see the frightening results of this false premise right in front of you. More lockdowns with the possibility of the entire healthcare system collapsing is the warning now under consideration by healthcare professionals.

    So after listening to this short clip from just 2 days ago I just mentioned I think more needs to be; (and can be) discussed concerning Joseph’s ideas concerning this situation of turning: “thou’s into it’s” for instance; or the efforts of trying to understand and integrate the personal as well as the collective “Shadow” that’s driving much of this fear, hatred, and toxic rhetoric that’s helping to spread this “Global” Pandemic.

    Where I live Political Marches; and return to “Economic Normal” efforts are part of the reason this thing is spreading like wildfire; and people; (myself included); are absolutely terrified by what is happening because of this confusion of what to do about it. And I think this terror is compounded by the feeling of helplessness resulting either because people are shut-in and can’t move about; as well as efforts that are being made that are not working; and that’s just to name two things right off the bat. The political discourse purposely further exacerbates this fear and mistrust so it is my feeling that “fact-based” narrative is a must as a starter for establishing a dialogue for common ground. Especially considering that medical facts are so critical for treating this disease.

    Another issue Joseph mentioned about myth is two things hold a society together; (terror and aspiration); and he used the great Cathedrals of the 12th century as examples of what he called the common community madness that drove them to create these magnificent manifestations of their zeal to express their connection to their myth. The Crusades might be another; but I digress. So my question is: “What are your thoughts about Joseph’s ideas and how they might fit in to this situation; (and I’m not talking about passive: “que sera sera” either; but proactive progressive ideas like the ones he inspired. Seeing your neighbor as yourself is much easier than seeing your enemy as your friend; and reaching out to a closed fist is not very encouraging when people all around you are sick and possibly dying. Any thought of laying in a hospital ward on a respirator waiting to possibly die is not my idea of thinking about this thing. Joseph said we are in a: “Free Fall into the Future”; and retreating into a shell is not my impression of what he meant. Jung’s ideas to me are one thing he brought forth that for me represent hope; so does anyone else have something to throw into this discussion? And if you think my concern is over dramatizing this situation listen to the clip: