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Reply To: The Air We Breathe


    Mary; I hope you will allow me to just step back and pause for a moment to take in and assimilate what you have so beautifully and powerfully articulated. Just stunning in it’s breadth and scope and so moving in it’s reach. In so many ways I think you have put your finger on what so many of us are feeling right now. As you suggest it’s not retreating but going inside ourselves to contemplate; to revision; to think about not just what we face; but trying to think about this in a new way. It reminds me of “Pegasus and the Golden Bridle” in relation to hope and our challenges ahead. We absolutely must tame the powers of the dark side within us as Jung saw; and how we will accomplish this I do not know; perhaps others may have thoughts to contribute. But I simply must say again how deeply moved I am by what you have brought to this topic. Thank you!