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Reply To: The Air We Breathe


Richard; this is a wonderfully thoughtful and reflective response to Mary’s post; and IMHO further articulates what we need to be thinking about looking forward. Your refinements not only lift and support things we need to be visioning; but the attitude and psychological position necessary to bring any kind of positive change to fruition. Your emphasis on new ways of interpreting and thinking about Joseph’s ideas; (i.e. Brian Swimme for instance who I was not familiar with; thank you for that); speak volumes; and your thought processes behind how they fit into this larger picture move this discussion even further in a direction away from the hopelessness now being experienced by so many who are locked into a frozen state of despair. A despair furthered by political interests who care little for the public welfare at the expense of their loss of power.

As Joseph might frame this situation of turning: “thou’s into it’s”; has brought about an atmosphere that pits one side against the other where our humanity is lost sight of and we have become besieged at the expense of our inability to recognize the blind spot of our societal unknown face. And the tone this situation produces further encourages our collective Shadow-side to rule over “any” efforts to find common ground in the larger arena of our public discourse. Your thoughtful and reflective tone along with Mary’s bring a refreshing and hopeful air to what would normally be a gloomy and depressing topic concerning what is now a “global” pandemic. A topic that like a: “house of mirrors”; leads nowhere but further into a gridlock of endless downward spiraling toward a medical oblivion with this virus leading the way. (This IMHO is a wonderful addition to this topic.) Thank you for this terrific input.

One last thought if I may add is the inspiring tone these new additions bring to this subject; and like a hopeful ray of hope bring sunshine pouring into a window that has long been shuttered by the hopeless despair by which it has been enclosed. (Thank you for your fresh perspective which you have brought to this topic; and I hope more will follow.)