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Reply To: The Air We Breathe


Hi Richard,

I appreciate your thought-provoking post!

I think that in the photo “Earthrise” as earth is seen from space, there is finally the idea of things being “one” and less opposites for the new myth. However, people are often also slow to change and do not give up their ways of seeing too readily. Perhaps the oneness could be absorbed into only those individuals who were ready.

I really enjoyed your post. While I would like to think I can see things as one, I do still see in dualities every day with the sunrise and the sunset, with the dark of night or the light of day, with the moon out either full or new, with the season hot or cold (of course there are those degrees in between) and to a point I do see this as inherent dualities on earth, yet see them at the same time as the yin and yang in the circle separated by the wave in the middle meaning that they flow into one another and the opposite color of the dot inside each half-circle of the light or the dark or the one inside the other. For me, I find the contrast of dualities things that beautiful poetry or shadowplay in films are made of; yet if that is all we see and do not see they are part of the circle of continuum that then it is indeed oppressive. I find lines or curves of division beautiful in a painting, for example. One quality of Air is its discernment or division as in the ancient 4 airts or the 4 winds of the 4 directions. The compass halves the circle and then quarters it and goes even further to make the 4 more minor directions of NE, SE, SW, and NE.

Just musings here, free-associating in this moment.

In a way too it seems to me almost like the dots within the semi-circles of the yin and yang suggest some of that  enantiodromia of which James speaks of.