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Reply To: The Air We Breathe

Richard Sumpter


    Thanks for your gentle remonstration regarding politics.  I must admit I hadn’t read the guidelines.  Your Campbell quote regarding national and tribal consciousness seems a bit premature – given the resurgence of nationalism.  I attribute it to the predatory capitalism as practiced on a global scale.  Business has developed a global view resulting in a form of industrial colonialism.  But that has driven many citizens deep into nationalism.  Until we come to grips with the vast global (and national) economic inequality I don’t have much hope for his vision.

    You say, “I tend to agree with Campbell when he tells Emilios Bouratinos that he is “pessimistic with respect to the present or the day after tomorrow, but optimistic with respect to, let’s say, fifty-odd years from now.”

    Isn’t the present day about 50 years from the time of the quote?  I wish I wasn’t so pessimistic today also.