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Reply To: The Air We Breathe


That is such an interesting statement that reads like a question. I agree that there could be more simmering under the surface. Many people are seeing it now as a sort of synchronicity constellating so much of the ills of the world that then culminate into the manifestation of this corona virus (a name I refuse to capitalize so as to not give it a “proper” name or title!); however, for all we know there is much more that could surface; after all, the “I Can’t Breathe” archetype surfaced first with corona virus and then with the death of George Floyd after years of warning about air pollution/global warming and all the raging wildfires in the western U.S. and Australia as if our minds all raging. I do believe in the collective as well as the individual un/conscious. ANd here in the un/conscious is so much conscience or, with many, lack thereof. In The Power of Myth, Campbell stated,

There are dimensions of your being and a potential for realization and consciousness that are not included in your concept of yourself. Your life is much deeper and broader than you conceive it to be here. What you are living is but a fractional inkling of what is really within you, what gives you life, breadth, and depth. But you can live in terms of that depth. And when you can experience it, you suddenly see that all the religions are talking of that.”
― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Religion aside here, we can think in terms of “the human spirit” instead, that people could all work together, ideally.

There has to be a training to help you open your ears so that you can begin to hear metaphorically instead of concretely. Freud and Jung both felt that myth is grounded in the unconscious. Anyone writing a creative work knows that you open, you yield yourself, and the book talks to you and builds itself. To a certain extent, you become the carrier of something that is given to you from what have been called the Muses—or, in biblical language, “God.”
― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth