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Reply To: The Air We Breathe


Stephen; I am so sorry you and your family and friends are having to deal with this awful situation; I’m sure it’s stressful; especially concerning being able to breath well because of the air quality. I hope the firefighters are able to get some kind of control over this; (what little news we’ve been getting about the fires you are suffering through lately in the South doesn’t sound promising).

As you mentioned Mother Nature has been trying to get our attention; (let’s hope the coming election provides more encouraging efforts towards dealing with Climate Change and Global Warming). The last report on this I heard gives us a window of around a decade or so and then the tipping point will start to get closer.

In China and India it seems I remember hearing there were days when car traffic was either restricted or cut back on alternate days; and factory pollution was cut back somewhat as well. But that was some time ago so I’m not sure what you are hearing to this effect. All and all since the US has pulled out of the climate accords there doesn’t seem to be the kind of push forward towards newer restrictions there once was. (On the world stage I think science has kind of taken a back seat to economics except for people like Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough, and Jane Goodall.)

I know there is more going on behind scenes but it just doesn’t seem to be generating the kind of political will that’s needed to get anything done. Btw; where is Al Gore? He doesn’t seem to be as visible as he once was. Like I said; I’m sure there is more going on; but it just doesn’t seem to be front and center like it should be!  Hope things improve very soon where you are!