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Reply To: The Air We Breathe



I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through with the air quality there. It is such a sad and troublesome state and I send you and your family and all those affected in CA good thoughts for the ceasing of fires and ability to breathe fresh air. I hope there are places you can go to where the air will be better, even if for a reprieve. When I see the fires on the news, just as the last large outbreak of fires, it breaks my heart for all those living near the fires, and the animals and the trees and plant life. Global warming, climate change, wildfires, they all remind me of a song I wish that more people and businesses would have heeded years (decades by now) ago: “Nature’s Way” by Spirit. In the images in this video, at a certain point in the video the bright white sun and air reminds me of what some people were saying above about the relentless white sun and air. It is not the best recording of the song, but I chose this one due to the images it contains.

Wishing for healing for the air and for you and yours, Stephen; I wish you and your wife could come vacation here up north in Ohio to the lake where the north winds are blowing in from the lake–or at least get out of that area of CA for a while. If you ever need a reprieve, you and yours are welcome.

~ Mary Ann