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Reply To: The Air We Breathe


Hello to All,

I am deeply disturbed that the landscape is changing in such devastating ways , not least of which is our impact in dismissing our responsibility to take care of our planet-Campbell says “fragile planet’  . Stephen, I am sorry to hear of your struggle, it seems so ironic given the focus on so many of our conversations this summer.

Here is western New York, people struggle with respiratory ailments on a grand scale-the left over effects of industrialization that once fed the economy. It is a place known for respiratory ailments and because there is wide-spread poverty, it is simply exacerbated.  Our ignorance and/or simply refusal to understand our connection to the earth-to this planet-to the universe makes it difficult to effectively respond to the need to change-change our thinking, habits, relationship to nature.

The myths must inform us again about such matters as sacredness, intuitiveness, respect and yes fear that there is something mightier than ourselves at work in all things.

I am back to teaching today and bring so many emotions about the past year with me-I seek solace in knowing there are people like all of you that foster conversations like these and exchange of knowledge beyond only what is given to us from so limited sources as we see each day or read each day in mainstream media.

Stephen-I am catholic and while that is troublesome on many levels it has given me some inkling into the magnificent and what is beyond our limitations to only accept epistemological evidence of what is. So-a prayer is held in my heart for your and your family’s safety in dealing with the conditions where you are.

Tranquillitas animi.