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Reply To: The Air We Breathe


Mary writes

Twilight/dusk and dawn are the magical times when the half-light time brings the two worlds together of day and night and is the time then of fairie or magical consciousness.”

Though my response is really a bit of a tangent, not directly related to Breath as a core archetypal motif in myth, that sense of the liminal has been very much present during the fires here on the West Coast.

Have to admit there have been many days when the sun is but a rumor – but we have also experienced several spectacular sunrises and sunsets. And the last full moon appeared, over the course of three days, a blood amber color (for lack of a better description I’m afraid that’s the best I can do), which I have never seen before and hope I never see again – a surreal, otherworldly presence. That was around the time the sky (and really more than the sky, but the air surrounding us) was a deep red. Though the sense and feel has been more of an eerie, post-apocalyptic hellscape than a more traditional faerie-like sunset, I can definitely report being pitched into a liminal, dreamlike, mythic zone.