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Reply To: Necessities of Life


Thank you, Pilgrim1 for the information here. Again, your post reminds me of two authors and ecologists I enjoy: Gary Snyder (ecological and eastern spirituality poet) and Brian Swimme (cosmologist and writer of new myth theories). Your posts go very well with my readings of these other two writers. It is sadly amazing how much of the earth and our resources we have destroyed in the last 200 years. I am not a scientist that can save the air by developing alternative sources of energy, but I do work with the wildlife where I live with a nature reserve (volunteer) to help save our ecosystem–as I would like to think that my granddaughter and her children and children’s children can enjoy the natural world around them. There are many less monarchs now than when I was a child, and many less frogs and natural streams around, less woods. Now most of it is “preserved” or “reserved,” and those places are not as rich with wildlife and indigenous plant varieties as there once were.

–Mary Ann