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Reply To: Tiger King MythBlast


Hi Toby


I started to sign in and crow that I’d had Joe himself for my ‘mentor’ and wise old man. But thought that would just be boasting.”

Maybe so, but I doubt it would be taken that way. John would likely appreciate hearing from someone who had a direct Campbell connection (indeed, in our conversation I referenced “The Tiger King,” and he noted the personal mentor he was referring to is Bob Walter, who was similarly mentored by Campbell).

Plus there’s the other end of the spectrum – I imagine you’ve had the opportunity to mentor others yourself over the years, and might want to share a little about that. Seems to me one of the ways we pay back mentors is by sharing the lessons we’ve learned with others, and you definitely do that (reminds me of something a wise man said that I read just moments ago: “And we’re all Merlins with powers to make the world better.”)