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Reply To: The Ripening Outcast, with Mythologist Norland Tellez


Nandu,  Stephen and all,

Continuing with our previous few threads on the caste system in India, and why it’s endemic? I’d like to ask a question, once again.

Joseph Campbell said, “In  America we have people from all kinds of backgrounds, all in a cluster, together, and consequently law has become very important in this country. Lawyers and law are what hold us together. There is no ethos.”  I think it’s the same situation in India, so many groups and clusters. This particular Indian song comes to my mind,

“chhaliya mera naam
chhaliya mera naam, chhaliya mera naam
hindu muslim sikh isaai sabko mera salam
hindu muslim sikh isaai sabko mera salam”

(Chhalia is a 1960 Indian Bollywood drama film directed by Manmohan Desai.[3] It stars Raj Kapoor, Nutan, Pran,[4] Rehman[5] and Shobhna Samarth. The story is loosely based on the 1848 short story “White Nights” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, but is focused on the issue of estranged wives and children in the aftermath of Partition.[6][7][8][9] ) Source Wikie

Based on the above premise that India has a hundred or more groups, religions, races, languages, customs, and to hold them together, we need laws, and lawyers. Therefore,  I question India’s legislative and  law enforcement agencies and their power over the people in discussing the caste system.

My question, “Could resetting priorities in legal settings improve the situation? Would the ’Dalits’ be better off if the laws were restructured and reordered?  Instead of granting equal rights or some “reservation” status to the ‘Dalits’, there would be a restructuring of laws that would forbid the higher caste Hindus from trampling the rights of the ‘Dalits’ or for that matter all citizens.  That forbidding the higher caste Hindus from violating the rights of all citizens, would take precedence and weight over all other rights. Nations that are void of strong civil institutions and ethos and lack a sense of ‘do no harm’ to others, need to adopt this one basic moral principle. The law must apply  to all citizens, including the judiciary and the law enforcement. ”   ( Essay on Dalits by Shaheda )