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Reply To: Merlin . . . & the Lost Art of Mentorship, with Dr. John Bucher

John Bucher

Yes, thank you, Stephen for bringing up my previous essay on The Tiger King. JCF’s own, Bob Walter, inspired that MythBlast. Bob has selflessly offered mentorship in my life, remaining a constant source of insight and wise counsel.

Thanks to all of you, and especially Tracy, for rising this question about female mentors. Dr. Maureen Murdock, author of The Heroine’s Journey, has been a mentor in my own life and served as the chair of my dissertation, guiding me through my own explorations of Campbell while always encouraging me to hold a feminine lens to his work. Maureen is one of many women that have journeyed with me as a mentor, offering wisdom and insights at moments I needed them most.

I wonder who you might identify as mentors in your own journey? What was it that they provided that meant the most to you? Did you ever take the time to express your appreciation to them? I believe that appreciation (however ritualistic you can make it) is an important part of the mentorship process and cycle.