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Reply To: Merlin . . . & the Lost Art of Mentorship, with Dr. John Bucher


Hello John,

Oh so many thanks for your answers on mentors, teachers, and in-person meeting with the mentors.

“(Joe Campbell) He mentions two key lessons these mentors embody for those individuals. The first involved learning to rest well. The second involved waking up. The balance of these two essential functions has become part of my daily, weekly, and yearly mindful practice. Resting well has never been more important in our fast moving culture. However, waking up (a motif that consistently appears throughout myth and fairytale) is life changing. In many ways, Campbell was responsible for my “waking up” but I’ve never forgotten that part of his “mentorship” was also to “rest well.”

I am ever so grateful to you for sharing these two key lessons. I had not come across them, although I know I needed them most, especially, the “waking part’. Now I shall  incorporate them into my life.  Perhaps, keep a journal to monitor my progress through these lessons.

“Are there lessons that have become essential to your life practice that originated with Campbell’s “mentorship”?

Yes, absolutely.

1) Living authentically or at least trying to.

2) Looking at life through a mythic lens. (I am not sure if this is a lesson or just a shift in perspective)

3) Looking at the sky, and enjoying the sunset, the sunrise, the stars, the moon, and the rainbows,  like I never did before.

4) Keeping a dream journal, remembering and honoring my dreams.

5) Having a sacred space, and spending at least one hour a day in my space. (I must admit, I have missed a few days or many days, lately)

6) Trying to dance, or incorporating it in my life. Something that had never been a part of me.  Thank you Joe, Jean and Nancy for opening another beautiful door.