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Reply To: The Hour Yields, with Mythologist Joanna Gardner, Ph.D.


Dr. Gardner,

Quoting you, “All my life, I’ve been drawn to passages in literature where the strange or impossible irrupts into the known world. Those moments feel the most real, the most alive, the most true.”  I’ll echo Stephen in appreciating your words,  “an elegant excursion into the heart of a mythic image. Your lyrical language evoked the memory of experiences of my own that placed me on pause, pitching me for a brief moment – or maybe an eternity”.

In my own experience, it was in the odd, in the most unimaginable, yet very  real and true —  that weird, impossible, improbable thought took over my entire being.  And when the beloved image looked back, there was no effort to hold the gaze, the gaze was held by an energy far stronger than any other energy before this.  As if time stood still?

In that moment of stillness, my image of myself changed. Previous images of self  dissolved, and the information gathered through that one gaze, permeated my neural pathways.

Thank you again for such an elegant piece.