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Reply To: The Hour Yields, with Mythologist Joanna Gardner, Ph.D.



Thank you so much for sharing your reflections. I’m especially moved by this passage: “To look at the stars and the universe which frames them is to consider something so overwhelming we are left only with our own humble ability to make sense out of something for which there is no meaning or explanation; yet here we are in a little ship on an ocean without a rudder looking for a North Star to guide us; but that star is “our star” that will point us in the right direction for our lives if we but listen to the human heart; the only thing that has properly guided mankind throughout the ages of his existence.”

The heart does hold great wisdom that can guide our lives. And yet its voice is so often drowned out, is it not? I feel that we have much to learn about hearing and heeding our own hearts, and simultaneously hearing and heeding the hearts of others as well as the collective heart of humanity, of the earth, of the cosmos. The great Heart can indeed hold us, when we align with it.