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Reply To: The Hour Yields, with Mythologist Joanna Gardner, Ph.D.



I absolutely love what you just quoted from T. S. Elliot, and you go on to elaborate the still point, “The stillness is that  aspired to by the practicioner of yoga, the deliberate cessation of the spontaneous motion of the mind-stuff, in which state the individual consciousness is united with the nameless ground of being.”

Dr. Gardner’s beautiful description of the still point which resonates with me, “The still point happens when modes of knowing meet and mingle. They amaze each other, change each other. Both of them realize that they aren’t separate at all but instead, they exist within each other. Then a new thing emerges and consciousness expands, growing its field of possibility to include more than it was able to before.”

Would it be fair to say that you have visited that space, that stillness, but the ‘WHERE’ part  can’t be described?