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Reply To: The Hour Yields, with Mythologist Joanna Gardner, Ph.D.


Stephen, and Everyone,

I have so much enjoyed this Mythblast and all the responses to it–this mythic exploration of time and space is really at the heart of so many hearts–and maybe of all matter, as Richard’s posts explore, or as yoga, as Chris’s, and as Shaheda’s description of experiencing this feeling or sensation.

Thank you, too, for your question, Stephen, which sends my mind rolling right now into a passion of the heart. When questions like this come along, I think they can be a place where mind and heart–thinking and feeling meet–transcending that gap between thinking and feeling–and when both happen at the same time, it is another bridge or transcendent “stillness,” even as our minds and heart are moved–for a moment we are standing in the middle of a bridge from here to there–from mind to heart and from heart to mind. I think/feel (because I am feeling all the words of what you and others are saying in these posts deeply–it seems we are all hitting upon some truths of the heart that Joanna inspired) that yes, that suspense can be “aesthetic arrest”–this is one of those aha! moments for me–we are suspended for a moment or for a “time-being” in that web of beauty–it somehow does go to that center people have mentioned here and spins our thoughts out into outer space or the outer spaces as well as into the inner spaces at the same time. It is like the inner and the outer worlds folding together–or unfolding together, depending on which way we look at it.

Thank you, All, for the winds of inspiration set into my sails today!