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Reply To: In the Stillness of Love’s Madness, with Mythologist Norland Têllez



Hello Dr. Norland Tellez,

This is a spellbinding piece, and your invaluable references are much appreciated.  Jung writes, “The secret is that only that which can destroy itself is truly alive. ”  Question  for you:

Could “only that which can destroy itself” include other than love and passion?

What comes to my mind is Joe Campbell’s statement, “Where there is crime, there is life, and where there is life, there is crime.” Hope Joe Campbell really said this, as I do recall reading it somewhere. Could not locate it on the database of Joseph Campbell’s Quotes.

Thank you for another amazing reference that of Rene Girard’s “Death and Sacrificial Slaughter. “I am reading this for the first time, and trying to figure this out. Is he saying that Death Penalty is OK?  That it’s a sacrificial ritual?  Some rudimentary searches led me to his bio and commentary on his recent works, and that, “….his books and articles have addressed topics in literary criticism, anthropology, and religion. His books, including Violence and the Sacred, The Scapegoat, Things Hidden since the Foundation of the World, and I See Satan Fall Like Lightning, have presented an ambitious theory that purports to explain why violence is a key element in the formation and maintenance of human culture.”  His theory seems to link Joe Campbell’s idea too, that of, “Where there is crime, there is life, and where there is life, there is crime.”

I am eagerly looking forward to your explorations into  Campbell’s Primitive Mythology, and connecting this theme to Death and the Sacred.

Thank you again for this awesome illuminating piece.