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Reply To: In the Stillness of Love’s Madness, with Mythologist Norland Têllez


    And finally, let me address your first question more directly:

    Jung writes, “The secret is that only that which can destroy itself is truly alive. Question  for you: Could “only that which can destroy itself” include other than love and passion?

    That is a good question, Shaheda, to ask what we’re left with when we take away all human love and passion. The answer is not much. Only rocks and chemical processes, maybe, as we indeed find everywhere else in the known universe. Without love and passion we would also have to do away with life itself. That was Campbell’s point in my article. For “love and passion” give expression to a fundamental property of life which is better expressed by the twinship of death drive and sexuality. Thus the secret of human love and passion is that it transcends the bounds of humanity, giving expression to the inhuman core of our all-too human humanity.