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Reply To: In the Stillness of Love’s Madness, with Mythologist Norland Têllez


Thank you for the Mythblast, Norland, and your answers to questions. I especially feel elated when you say, in answer to Stephen’s question about what this awareness does for people at large/in general and not just the artist, “this ‘knowledge’ or gnosis remains hidden, in exactly the way Michelangelo understood it, waiting to be released from the Primal Matter of the Stone—hence the ‘practical’ need for the Artist  in society as the one who ‘knows’ consciously how to set it free!”  This also brings me to recall a quote I heard years ago (I forget who to attribute it to–it has been said so many times since by so many!): “Any art form reflects the society within which it lives.” When we see this in a film, a novel, a short story,  a poem, a painting, a piece of music, a dance, etc. we see something of ourselves in there, whether we are consciously aware of or not I might suppose.