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Reply To: Artistic Origins, with Professor Andrew Gurevich


So in short, I had a head full of theological knowledge, a broken heart, and no roots. Campbell helped me find my way back to the sacred. Campbell introduced me to anthropology as a mechanism for balancing sameness AND difference. How to be comfortable with complexity. Anthropology helped me find my way back to the human family. Back to the blood covenant between the one and the many, the many in the one. All of this has been a kind of therapy that is akin to things like EMDR and Internal Family Systems. Helping to heal the fragmented self with narrative. With the first narrative. Becoming aware of awareness can, ironically, either throw us out of, or more deeply into, the body. And in the body, consciousness is embodied. Mythology, anthropology, depth psychology helped me learn to listen better to the pulse of the living world. And this helps me feel deeply connected. A path towards learning, finally, how to live and die well.