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Reply To: Artistic Origins, with Professor Andrew Gurevich


    Everyone; what an incredible conversation this has been and I have learned so much. I was especially moved by the personal aspect of Joseph’s influence on Andrew and the role it played in: “helping you find your way back” as you put it. As it has often been said: “We live on timeless ground”: and indeed one only needs to witness in wonder at the natural world in which we are enclosed as the seasons change and we realize we are only here for a moment as temporary stewards in a never ending cycle of time. We look up at the same heavens others before us have seen for countless generations trying to make some sense of our place in this Grand Opera as Joseph might have put it; and yet we still have many of the same problems as those before us. I really liked the way you and Stephen articulated the many levels of the human experience and how Joseph’s themes helped pull so many of them together into an accessible and reachable whole. I think for many of us Joseph has definitely been the candle in the dark; much like Jung’s: “Telesphorus“. Thank you sincerely for sharing all your insightful personal thoughts and experiences; and look forward to hearing more.