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Reply To: The Fires of Love-Death, with Mythologist Norland Téllez



I would agree the only connection between Yahweh and Yawi is the one that exists in your eclectic mind, though it’s fun to play with . . .

And I would also point out, as I believe Norland does in his essay, that even though this motif (sacrificing a mythological being at the dawn of time and burying the head, from which grows the culture’s primary food plant) may be an element in these sacrificial rituals, there are multiple layers and a heck of a lot more in play than just the one mythic image. It’s not so much an either/or as – can’t quite wrap it up that simply. I’d say that, though this observation by Campbell (and Fraser and company) does ring true, there’s more to it than just that: the ritual seems to encompass a multitude of myths.