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Reply To: The Fires of Love-Death, with Mythologist Norland Téllez



    I totally agree.

    I often grapple with where coincidences are just that and where to note non causal associations as meaningful. For me I find my playful imagination enjoyable. Just thoughts passing in the night of mind. I enjoy sharing them here to see where they lead. All journeys start somewhere. I tend to be Judeo-Christian centric because that is what the western mind is to a large extent and I acknowledge that I am a product of my time and place.

    It would be hard to write the totality of the web of associations that manifest in my mind so I try to keep it simple.

    the old KISS principle. Just making observations for conversation for those who enjoy mythic correlations. Our minds are capable of manifesting all types of chimera. It is what mythology is all about to me.

    I’m sure the homonym is something Joyce would enjoy playing with and find amusing. It does exist is self evident and is outside my mind.

    Maybe the roots of the  Y source of the Pentateuch go deeper than thought ????

    At the root I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there is a germ and kernel of truth in all just waiting to sprout …

    Funny how after so many millennia the metaphor still rings true. It is what sprouts from our mind our head that brings us sustenance, our thoughts our knowledge our wisdom our technology is indeed organic and perennial growing with us. Our brain is a garden for cultivation. Always fun to empathize with archaic idioms.
    Yes. Let the mind Bloom with visions of roots in ancient ritual and blossoms of future aesthetic epiphanies …

    What myths specifically do you see the ritual encompassing?