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Reply To: What’s In a Name?” with Stephen Gerringer”


Stephen, thank you for your kind and wonderful response to my response. I love how you wrote that you write to find meaning. That sounds like s simple statement but I find it profound. It turns writing into an adventure of discovery instead of a duller study of what a person or writer might already know and express–much like that sorting out and ordering of the soul regarding the museum writer’s article. I also sure loved hearing about you being once in possession of Campbell’s journals for a while when you to transport them–that sound so marvelous as in its root word of an actual “marvel,” something to marvel at! I look forward to the new book coming out that you are editing! I love the Campbell quote you include–about the two types of writing, not good or good, and then his remarkably wonderful definition of the Muses: “The Muses are the personifications of the energies of that unconscious system that you touch when you sit down as a writer. You just have to find them.” So pro-found! Thank you for all this. I am loving this thread. Very inspirational!