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Reply To: What’s In a Name?” with Stephen Gerringer”


Campbell’s words sing – and not just his prose.  The titles all have a poetic quality.  What a fine introduction to the rest of the article.  Lifting up the singing and the poetic quality those are themes that have undergirded a career for me.

Back in college (that was the late  50’s for me, I read an article by Bishop James Pike that you help me recall.  Pike wrote: “There are several phrases in the Creeds that I cannot affirm as literal prose sentences, but I can certainly sing them.”  Of the Creed, he says: “Sing it.”  “Because it affirms the things basically important and true, in poetic terms  (more than poetic – mythological).”

It would be years before I discovered Campbell.  That would add a whole new dimension for me.  Glad to be part of your band!  (Strange, is it not, that when I ‘go to church’ these days, I find myself in Pike’s old church in San Francisco?)