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Reply To: The Power of the Personal,” with Mythologist Dennis Slattery, Ph.D.”


    Thank you for your reply. Have you done any computer graphic art with Procreate? Computer graphics is rich in the layering technique/motif. A great metaphor for art and perceptions of reality. Palimpsestical awareness !!!
    I reasonate with your revision perspective. Brings to mind literary historical criticism. I like to think on some phenomenal level we humans are the mythic fabric veil of Isis , the Masks of God … We are the Veil the Membrane that separates the eminent immanent and transcendent , the waters below and above , internal and external light.

    Yes! Dylan is a genius !!! I got to see him a few years back ! To me he is a God !!! My wife hated him. A playful bone of contention between us.


    The Three R’s

    R to the third power

    Robert Raymond Reister


    Can your art be seen on the web anywhere ? I would enjoy seeing it.

    Have you seen The Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese on Netflicks ? It brought Back so many memories I never had …