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Reply To: The Power of the Personal,” with Mythologist Dennis Slattery, Ph.D.”

Dennis Slattery

    Hi Robert: Just learned how to reply to each posting individually. Thank you for your thoughts above as well.

    No, I have not done any computer graphic art with Procreate. I did hire a friend to create for me a new website awhile back.

    Yes, my art work is on it.

    and go to the three Galleries. Some of my pottery is there as well. My books are listed under Books. Take a look when time allows.

    Your image of us as membranes, perhaps separating the two realms, is intriguing and there is something right about it.  And you remind me when in the 80s I was involved with literary historical criticism, a rich field. My grad work at The University of Dallas leaned towards the New Literary Criticism which I have found compatible with Jungian Depth. Psychology.

    Many thanks for your rich reflections in both postings. I found them very rich.

    Thank you for the Netflix reference. I will indeed view it.