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Reply To: The Power of the Personal,” with Mythologist Dennis Slattery, Ph.D.”

Dennis Slattery

    Thank you both Robert and James. I am still working on naming people correctly!

    Gard, your keen insights reveal how a culture that moves to the literal almost exclusively and leaves out the metaphoric, the symbolic and the figural reality of imagination, is doomed to suffocate in its own ideology. I think that ideologies are the last vestige of an exhausted imagination. I love JC’s sense of a mythic imagination: it is to introduce the connotative elements of life in a society that has fiercely denotative.

    Your emphasizing evolving is central to a vital mythology. When the myth freezes up and becomes arthritic, all movement stops or is sharply curtailed. And speaking of the imaginal, Hermes is indeed a rascal. He snuck into your communication and ruptured the circuits. So glad Steve was able to reclaim your words.

    Finally, to where you began James: to lose the vitality of life, the essence of why we are alive is already to experience a death. I think that culturally the old myth is dying off and the rigor mortis is fierce right now. We are being given signs of how bad things are in some pockets and what needs to be done, but if so-called leaders, like we have in Texas, continue to ignore them, then what so many millions are suffering here this past week–and it is snowing heavily right now–then these power breakdowns in power will continue. What a rich metaphor! The breakdown in power is reflective of the breakdown in those in power–so, as Campbell intimates, the signs are right in front of us to be read and followed for the improvement of the many over the power grabs of the few. Did not mean to veer into politics, but Texans are suffering the incompetence of their leaders and there is no justice in that. So appreciate your responses, James.