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Reply To: The Power of the Personal,” with Mythologist Dennis Slattery, Ph.D.”


Dear Dennis Slattery,

Thank you for your very generous  response to my post. Also, there are so many poignant and fascinating posts, from  Marianne, James, R(cubed) and Stephen that I feel I must read many times, and formulate a decent response, so as to stay in the loop.

One other topic that I wish to extend is again “ the invisible lining of a jacket or coat is what I would call history’s inner myth; it gives shape and contour to the outer sleeve, which is history itself. Yes, the sleeve can be turned inside-out to reveal the hidden myth, and that is part of Campbell’s mode of excavation: he turns the sleeve inside-out in order to explore the mystery shaping history.”  Is it possible for you to shed light on what could happen or has happened if the sleeve is never outside, it’s turned inside out right from the start, and the myth is no longer hidden.

I think Rene Girard, whom Prof. Norland Téllez introduced here in this forum, says  that Christianity failed to become a myth, the myth was killed,  because the church maintained that Jesus was innocent. (hope I am right in citing Rene Girard). First Jesus had to be found guilty of disobeying the law, then later when the sleeve is turned inside out the myth would be revealed.  So, my first big question is, do myths always have to have that time lapse?

James wrote, “I particularly like the image you use of the Spiral; which reminds me of the: “Ariadne thread and the Labyrinth” as symbolic of one’s inner journey of transformation; and I very much look forward to your thoughts on this. ” James thank you for this insightful reference. I too look forward to your thoughts on the spiral. Is unravelling of the spiral =  revealing the hidden myth?

Thank you all and looking forward to the podcast