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Reply To: The Power of the Personal,” with Mythologist Dennis Slattery, Ph.D.”

Dennis Slattery

    Hi James: what a rich set of insights in your posting. Jennifer, Deborah and I are in day two, Saturday of four hour zoom on Deep Creativity. We end tomorrow. It is exhausting and so exhilarating to present on zoom. It is a delight to listen to participants talk of their creative processes and their self-identities. I like too what you bring up about James’s preposition “to” and waking to. He was always so provocative to be around. You are right: as we age we see different selves looking back at us and different kinds of dreams visiting us to show us the path; I love journaling each morning, where I look back at the day before to see what wishes to be remembered. I am never disappointed at what bobs to the surface

    Thank you so much, James. Have to prepare for our conference, but will return to add more to this fine entry of yours.