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Reply To: The Power of the Personal,” with Mythologist Dennis Slattery, Ph.D.”


Hello James,

Thank you for your awesome post. Joe Campbell’s interpretation of the Star of David, is an absolute masterpiece and my all-time favorite. At one time, I wore the star of David, hoping to get some insight as to what the impediments were in my life, or what was blocking my path to where I wanted to go. The realization did come through a synchronistic moment, and eventually I was able to dissolve the symbol, and thus the roadblock.

“I see shame as one of the major manifestations of personal tragedy; which like the Dragon guards a gateway that holds people hostage. Carl Jung called it: “a soul-eating emotion”; and I think it would be almost impossible to count the number of suicides that have been caused by it’s overpowering effects throughout human history. Who among us have not lost someone from this crippling and devastating condition that it causes.”

So true James. Thanks for sharing the article, “Shame” by James M. Shultz. It’s on my reading list after I finish the ‘Second Wind’