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Reply To: The Power of the Personal,” with Mythologist Dennis Slattery, Ph.D.”

Dennis Slattery

    Thank you for the depth and clarity of your meditations, James. Truly of great value.

    One item pops up that you touch on: the disconnect young people feel, towards themselves and others.

    My wife and I save 60 Minute shows well after they have aired, because they often deal with archetypal truths so their shelf life is long.

    It was a story that Leslie Stahl created, as she interviewed many young people who felt alienated from themselves, their own bodies and genders and from others. So many chose to begin the journey to the other gender. Many have gone through surgery and often had little resistance to beginning hormone treatments and other practices as they crossed over. But it also showed many who felt as depressed and despondent, alienated as they did before, when they felt suicidal.
    But in their new or altered bodies some felt worse so they try to cross back. Their stories were at first full of hope, but then as the reality of what they were doing dawned on them, some panicked, or fell back into despondency.

    Now all of us at some point may feel being “another” would solve the problems of alienation and a sense of low worth. And for some it does. But this section of the show might and should be made available to others who are thinking of such a radical transition. And this is a symptom of a wider problem. I shiver to think that the numbers of people seeking to belong to something, choose the path of violence and intimidation to satisfy a fantasy they have convinced themselves is true. And it is easy: just believe the election was stolen, then head out to intimidate voters, voter managers and the entire system.

    We need to address this as a national health crisis and not just a political choice. Thank you, James. I know I am leaving much else out.