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Reply To: Metamorphosis: Dreaming the New Songs,” with MythBlast author Kristina Dryža”


Dear R³,

Thank you for your message. Yes, we are a product of seasonal ebbs and flows. I feel today though that we’ve often lost the ability to sense ourselves into the seasons, other than say through seasonal eating. How can we feel these rhythms viscerally? Can we internally sense ourselves blossoming, ripening, maturing and waning? Can we enter into our own seeding and sprouting? Can we simultaneously experience the musical and poetic moods that accompany the seasonal transitions? And how can society and our environment provide us with an invitation to reflect, re-image and re-imagine these seasonal energies? To vision and re-vision our experience of time?

There’s a potent, dreamy quality that comes from living in images, myths, symbols, fairy tales, the incantational rhythmic nature of poetry, musical melodies and the seasons. They contain worlds calling to us beyond the quotidian life. But can we unplug from our devices for long enough to notice them?

Very best, Kristina.

PS This comment on the YouTube clip you posted says it well. “Possibly the greatest cover of this song ever produced. Also possibly the most awful video ever made.”